Donovan Eaton Owner | Eaton Automotive

In 2008 I decided to open Eaton Automotive LLC. as a side business. It eventually became a full time job. I was working at a used car lot down town for about 3 years. There I learned lots about European vehicles. Over half of the car lot inventory was BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audis, Volvos, and Saabs, etc. This hands on experience really rounded out my skills of tackling any make, any model. While working for this company we would restore some classics that were sold out at the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction that is held every year in January in Scottsdale, Arizona. Toward the end of my employment contract I was given an opportunity to take over and existing shop and its clientele. The opportunity to go full time with Eaton Automotive LLC. had me nervous and extremely excited all in one! I always said to myself: “One day I want to have a shop where I could apply everything I’ve learned working for other shops throughout the years, somewhere my son, when he got old enough could work, if he decided to follow in my footsteps and become an Auto Mechanic”.

About Us | Eaton Automotive

So…after 20 years in this industry, I can proudly hold my head high every day, knowing it is my name on the building and my pride under the hood of each and every one of my customer’s cars!